BURTco. Wedding Giveaway 2017 | love intensely | love & thankfulness

ethan and i call this time of year "our time." we absolutely love the cold. it may be because our very own love story started in november. and it was cold out. we would go for walks in the evening when it was all cold and we fell completely in love. we love the chill in the air and the rainy fall days and the perfect colors and crunchy leaves. we had no idea we would become a husband and wife wedding photography team just a short time later. but since we did, we have been incredibly blessed in this business. blessed beyond measure. by our couples, their families, support from our family and community. most of the time it feels unreal and like too much goodness. we decided very early on that we would give away one wedding every single year. we are blessed too much to not bless back. so a free wedding seemed fitting! 

we love love. we love celebrating love stories.
and, we love all things wedding. we just can't get enough. 

so what we want you to do is share your love story with us. like, the full story. with all the feels. 
not just a short description of your story. but everything. the way you felt when you met her, the way he smiled at you and that was it. we have had three winners so far. mark & madison made us cry while we were cooking dinner. they won. and they've stayed our very close friends ever since. we stay the night at their house and drink all their coffee. rob & amy amazed us at how God orchestrated their whole story to leave their life in the united states and take care of the sick and fatherless in kenya. they also have remained some of our closest people. and we're already planning a trip to africa to see them and all their babies there. (which is just insane. in the most wonderful way). and our last winners will be wed this winter.  eric & anna. they won our hearts with their love story and their love of grilled cheese sandwiches and cappuccino flavored ice cream and campfires. we've had the joy of photographing their engagement earlier this year and their love for one another is inspiring. it's incredible to give something away. it's a blessing to us to have the ability to give away free wedding photography. it goes so much deeper, all the way to the hearts. and beautiful photographs are a sweet bonus. 

other things to tell us about in your entry : 
your wedding date. 
your wedding venue. 
any fun details about the wedding! 
also, we would LOVE to travel to you. two of our winners so far got married in kentucky! 
no place is too far. we will talk about travel pricing to get us there, but your wedding coverage and photos will still be free! 

here are our first two winners. aren't they gorgeous!? and down below you will find more information about the giveaway. THANK YOU! now let's celebrate love! 

where & when do i send my submission?
email us your love story
and any questions : 

submissions are due by november 22nd
at midnight cst. 

we will pick a winner and announce on THANKSGIVING DAY! 

spread the word! {please!}
not only will we love you forever if you help spread the word by sharing this giveaway (all social media platforms), but it may also truly benefit someone's life! by you sharing this giveaway they have the opportunity to win free wedding photography for their most special day. then we'd get to become forever friends as we capture their day and watch their marriage grow for years to come!